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Welcome to CalabriaInnova!
Discover all the services in support of innovation. Boost the competitiveness of your business as an entrepreneur. Enhance the benefits of your studies as a researcher. Learn how to be innovative and conceive new ideas.

About us

CalabriaInnova is an Integrated Regional Social Plan created from the partnership among Calabrian Region Government, Fincalabra S.p.A., a regional holding company and AREA Science Park, science and technology park in Trieste.

CalabriaInnova has the ambition to implement in Calabria the Regional Innovation Network to support the interaction between research and industry, by promoting the exploitation of research results and the innovation activities in small and medium enterprises.


Through its services, CalabriaInnova aims to promote research and industry interaction, in order to:

  • Support small and medium enterprises at developing business innovation programmes by collaborating with universities and research centers
  • Facilitate the link between the research and industry encouraging industrial applications through the creation of innovative enterprises (promoting by graduated and PhD ) and academic spin off (promoted by researchers)
  • Encourage scientific and technological collaboration at an international level, by participating in European network services for enterprises and research
  • Promote entrepreneurial activities and technology transfer through the organization of workshops, seminars and meetings for researchers, graduates, PhD and entrepreneurs
  • Support and coordinate the activities of the regional technology transfer offices to create in Calabria an established Regional Innovation Network

Areas of intervention

  • Technology transfer
  • Research enhancement
  • Creation of innovative enterprises and spin off
  • Innovation grants & incentives
  • Promotion of international technology partnerships
  • Training and raising public awareness of science
  • Development of the Regional Innovation Network

Our vision

visionCalabrian Innovation System is the one stop shop of access for researchers, graduated, PhD and small and medium enterprises.

Our mission

missionThe mission of the Regional Innovation Network is to integrate researchers and small and medium enterprises into a single system, in order to develop and reinforce the technological innovation activities in Calabria.

regione calabria

Department for Culture, Education, Universities, Research, Technological Innovation and Advanced Training

Calabria Region through the Department for Culture, Education, Universities, Research, Technological Innovation and Advanced Training is promoting alliances with first-class national enterprises in order to boost productivity and competitiveness as well as expand and reinforce applied science into the Region. Coherently, Calabrian policy makers remit the CalabriaInnova Project to the Strategic Partnership among Calabria Regional Government, Fincalabra S.p.A. and AREA Science Park.


Regional Holding Company for the Economic Development of Calabria

Fincalabra S.p.A. is a public company owned entirely by Calabria Region established by a regional law in April 1984. Within the framework of the regional economic policy, over the years the company has specialized on institutional activities devoted to the implementation and the management of regional and EU funds aimed at promoting and supporting startup creation and the development of established firms.

area science park

National Research Body and multi-sectoral Science and Technology Park

Founded in 1978, AREA Science Park sited in Friuli Venezia Giulia is a national benchmark for technology transfer between research and industry and a prestigious, multi-sectoral science and technology park where research, development and innovation bear excellent results.
A place where top training, research and enterprise meet and become a key resource for the growth of the economy and employment opportunities in the territory.